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Foot Tattoo Designs

Foot Tattoo Designs - The Newest Footwear

Foot Tattoo Designs, Many people have become so addicted to tattooing that they have begun treating their skin as a canvas of sorts, covering themselves with art from head to toe. For the more conservative type, however, this may be too much of an overkill. If you are considering of acquiring your very own body art, but are not quite ready to be so blatant about it, then perhaps a foot tattoo is the perfect solution. Why? Here are just some of the reasons.

Foot Tattoo Designs Easy to Hide

First, they are very easy to hide. Hiding is essential, especially for people who have considerations such as workplace regulations. They don't pose a problem for boardroom presentations and school meetings since they will only be seen on occasions when you go barefoot or wear open footwear. Chances are you will just wear flip-flops or go barefoot with people whom you are comfortable with and with whom you wouldn't mind showing your tattoo.
Second, they are usually a lot simpler than other tattoos since the artist has very little space to work on the foot. This area is ideal for those who don't go for colorful designs and those who are getting some ink for the first time. They can be a perfect example of simplicity being more elegant than flamboyance.

There are also other reasons why foot tattoos are not as common as arm, chest, or back tattoos. For one thing, getting inked on foot can be more painful than other inking procedures. This pain is because the skin on foot has little fat to cushion it so that the tattoo procedure will cause more bruising. The soles are also generally unsuitable for tattoos because the skin tends to be too thick for regular tattoo needles.

Any part of the skin can have a tattoo, even the feet. While tattooing the feet is not exactly a new phenomenon, foot tattoos are relatively rarer than other kinds of symbols, such as an arm, back or chest. However, foot tattoo designs are also numerous and varied. Perhaps it is because we do not often think about our feet often, or because many cultures consider them impure, that foot tattoos are rarer. However, they can be useful places to get a tattoo if you want one but do not want it to be too obvious.

Foot Tattoo Designs Less Pain

Third, the simplicity and confined space of the area in question makes it a lot less painful than other tattoos. It is only logical that the less skin you puncture, the less pain you will feel. It is, therefore, an excellent idea for first timers to consider a bit of decoration on their foot before going up to grander and more intricate work elsewhere on the body.

Foot Tattoo Designs Care

All of this adds up to some particular care required after tattooing. One cannot wear closed footwear during the healing period, as this will cause friction, which is not just painful but can damage the tattoo. In fact, going barefoot for a while is recommended. In other words, if your job requires you to wear closed shoes, then you will need to take time off to let your tattoos heal.

A foot tattoo can hobble you, so don't make the mistake of getting both feet tattooed at the same time. Be prepared to spend some time limping around. Of course, the less you move about, the better, as this will decrease the amount of time needed to heal.

Foot Tattoo Designs Very Sexy

Fourth, the subtlety of a foot tattoo can be very sexy. Seeing someone who seems like a prim and proper young lady and then noticing an emblem on her insole can drive a man's imagination wild, as it hints at a secret wild side to an otherwise dull personality. This kind of subtle hinting is something that getting some ink done in this area shares with a lower back tattoo. Both types can send pleasant shivers down the spine of anyone who discovers them.
Fifth, although the area to work with is small, it can come in a wide variety of attractive designs. You can opt for Celtic, Tribal, Chinese, or any other type of plan. You can even create your unique design. You can also choose any color for your foot tattoo, and it can be designed using an original pigment or a mixture of colors. Simply put, you can choose whatever looks good on your foot. The sky is the limit.

Foot Tattoo Designs Summary

Foot tattoo designs also differ in the coverage. Some may be just singular icons, while others may be anklets or bands and rings around the foot or ankle. Others may cover the majority of the foot, like spats. Whatever you choose, you will want to find an artist who specializes in the style you want so that you can get the best results.So, if you're going to have this experience, but are reluctant to have a distinct design that you may later regret, why not try a foot tattoo for starters? This idea may be the perfect way and time for you to find out for sure whether you are ready to express yourself openly through body art.