Cherub Angel Tattoo Design-Popular Baby Angel Tattoos

Cherub Angel Tattoo Design

Cherub Angel Tattoo Design- Sweet and Sexy Baby Angel Tattoos

Cherub Angel Tattoo Design, Angel and cherubs are known as popular baby angel tattoos for women. They're adorable, sexy and feminine. These symbols are famous for women and they can make a significant lower back tattoo design or can be a chest piece or probably on the leg or the arm.

Cherub Angel Tattoo Design History

Cherubs have a long history in our culture, and usually, we think of them as a symbol associated with Christianity and are often present in all western religions. While reading the Bible, you will notice that there are remarks of cherubs and angels throughout the Old Testament. There is proof that baby-like winged creatures go all the way back to the Assyrian culture, one of the oldest civilizations in the world.

Cherub Angel Tattoo Design Messengers

A baby angel tattoo is the same as a cherub tattoo. Angel tattoos are prevalent for both men and women. Angels are considered messengers from God and they are our link between heaven and earth. Having a baby angel or cherub tattoo expresses your spirituality. There are many different angel designs that you can get, but cherubs are the most popular. Unlike many people think, cherubs are not baby angels - they are just small angels. The most popular cherub angel is Cupid. Cupid represents love. Many times you see Cupid depicted with an arrow which he shoots into your heart to make you fall in love.

Cherub Angel Tattoo Design Myths

The myths about these babies are that there were human-like beings with wings would often come as a messenger to guide people. Torah, a Hebrew text, had also mentioned about the cherubim in the Old Testament. And this suggests that they predate Christianity. The thought of a cherub being a baby did not come in literature,  until the Renaissance. During these times, the angels were young boys, and they were a work of art. This is in Italy, where they are being referred as "Putto" in Renaissance art

Cherub Angel Tattoo Design

After some years, cherubs were being connected to kind fate and are supposed to represent a new being from heaven. It is believed that they protect the souls of people after they die and leave their physical bodies and rise to heaven. The cherubs are known as the path to paradise, where they are playing harps, and nearly everyone in the Christian world associates them with peace. In history, cherubs are often the favorite choice of baby angel tattoos in memorial or a Rest in peace symbol that is in memory of a loved one that has passed away.

Cherub Angel Tattoo Design Summary

Make sure that your design represents your beliefs. Don't just pick a plan because someone else has it or it seems right. Pick an angel that tells your story. When someone asks you why you have a cherub tattoo, you want to describe what it means to you. When you have a unique design, your symbol becomes more personal.
Use an online membership gallery to get ideas for your tattoo design. You can find thousands of designs which will give you more ideas for a great unique tattoo. Your tattoo will be with your for life. Don't just settle for the first decent design you find. When you take your time to see a good, unique tattoo design, you feel better about your tattoo choice and have less chance of tattoo regret.