Belly Button Tattoos-The Sexiest Tattoo Designs

Belly Button Tattoos

Belly Button Tattoos-Sexy Tattoo Designs

If it's summertime or you live in a tropical region and because of the weather teenagers like to wear short skirts and crop tops show their belly. Belly button tattoos are some of the latest forms of self-expression among teenager, and they love to show it off to the public because they feel so sexy and desirable. Bellybutton tattoos are known to be a hot tattoo and many women today opted for this type of symbols because with the right design plus a sexy body it makes them feel fantastic and sensual.

Belly Button Tattoos Healing and Safety

A teenage girl should take note that belly button tattoos take time to heal and significant consideration should be taken mainly because of the location which is near the fallopian tube and a high risk for infection. Body piercing is safe if done correctly and under safe conditions. It is your responsibility to choose a tattoo artist who practices in a safe and sanitized placed. Look for an artist that has a good reputation and highly recommended. Ask around or ask your friend if they have tattoos where they got them and if they support the artist. Hygiene is very, very important.

Belly Button Tattoos Guidelines

There a few guidelines to follow in observing proper sterilization method to avoid contamination and health risk:

  • Choose a recommended tattoo parlor that observed safety precaution methods.
  • Tattoo artist should not accept clients who are drunk because teenager tend to get drunk first before they allow can be ready for the experience this might lead to bleeding due to the presence of alcohol in the body.
  • Tattoo artist should use disposable or sterile instruments; sterile, disposable needles and other sanitized equipment should come out of an autoclave bag.
  • New and sterilized needles should be used for each tattoo or piercing.
  • Tattoo artist should wear sterile gloves, dispose of old needles and keep the work area clean.
  • Tattoo artists should not dip into contaminated bottles of ink and must use a small disposable container of ink, and any ointments should be removed from containers with sterile spreaders.
  • After-care is very vital in any tattooing or piercing, so a true professional will give instructions that your new tattoos must be sanitary at all time with an antibacterial cream and kept dry and out of the sun. Pierced areas should be cleaned two times a day with a sanitizing soap.

Belly Button Tattoos Considerations

After you have educated yourself on proper hygiene and sanitation your next step is to take into account the following consideration before you have your belly button tattoos:

  • Weight. A bellybutton tattoo would only look good on a slim figure, and gaining weight could stretch your stomach, and it would look saggy.
  • Giving birth. When you have your bellybutton tattoo done taking into account the possibility of getting pregnant because it would definitely change the look of your tattoo.
  • Keloids. Not all people are blessed with a perfect skin. Some people are more susceptible to scarring.

And the last things you need to take into account are the 5 important steps in choosing a right design for your tattoo:

  1. Make sure that you really want a tattoo and that it's for real not just a spur of the moment decision. Remember that your tattoo is permanent.
  2. Choose a design which fits your personality.
  3. Choose a right location that fits perfectly with your design.
  4. Choose a right size of your tattoo which suits the build of your body.
  5. Be Happy with your bellybutton tattoo and put it on display.