Lip Piercing Tattoo and Aftercare to Prevent Infection

Lip Piercing Tattoo

Lip Piercing Tattoo

Lip Piercing Tattoo Nowadays, the latest fashion that is followed by the world is lip piercing and lip tattoos. These two can be called as the newest obsession among both, men and women. This has also lead to a rise in some piercing studios and piercing shops. However, they do enhance your looks, but there is indeed a level of risk involved with it. In this article, we will discuss how to take care of lip piercing and lip tattoos.

Lip Piercing Tattoo Info

Standard lip piercing is pretty simple; a single piercing is just outside the perimeter of your upper or lower lip which can be decorated with either a circular barbell, CBR or a labret stud. You can get a single piercing or even multiple piercings; there are just no rules. Some of them may attract you with their special names like Snake Bites, but they are all only variations of the standard lip ring.

Lip Piercing Tattoo Cleaning

There are some things that you should know before you get a lip ring, though. Most of the lip piercings, except the vertical labret, are usually both external and oral, which meaning that you will have to care for it with two different sets of treatment. So, it needs a little extra responsibility to keep it clean and encouraging it to heal quickly.
Also, because a part of the jewelry is always inside your mouth, that poses a risk of damage to your gums and teeth. It just means that you need to be extra diligent and care about your dental care. You should check every day for any sign of wear or deterioration, and if you see any, then you should probably remove the piercing. Another thing that you need to take care is to avoid smoking. Our body heals much faster when you don't smoke. Also, lip and oral piercings get irritated by the smoke of cigarette and the toxins in it will surely hurt like hell.

Lip Piercing Tattoo Prevent Infection

On the other hand, aftercare is also a critical aspect which provides beautiful lifetime result of your body art. Health and safety are the primary fundamentals which prevent blood-borne illness and even infections. Ensure your well-being both before and after you get a tattoo done on your body.

Lip Piercing Tattoo What to Avoid

While you wait for the tattoo to heal properly, you need to take care that the area doesn't get wet for long periods of time. Avoid swimming in a pool or even going to a sauna or spa. The wound of tattoo needs to dry fast so that the scabs will form easier and also heal more quickly.

Lip Piercing Tattoo Summary

These were some precautions that you can follow after lip piercing and tattoo. To ensure your safety, you should always choose the best and hygienic piercing studio or piercing shops.