First Time Tattoos-Five Tattoo Designs

First Time Tattoos

First Time Tattoos Designs

First Time Tattoos, So you're thinking about getting your first tattoo. What do you do next? Five things to consider for your first tattoo. Well, it's best not to rush off to the nearest tattoo parlor, point at a random design, and wait to see your new masterpiece.

First Time Tattoos Questions

Here are five vital decisions that you must make before you proceed any further with your first tattoo.

  • Do You Want A Tattoo?
    A tattoo is a lifetime commitment, so you must be absolutely 100% certain your first-time symbols are perfect. You might think that it's the greatest thing in the world today, but will you feel the same about it in 10 years, 20 years, or even 50 years? Okay, tattoo removal technology is improving all the time, but it's still time-consuming, expensive, and painful. So, for now, it's best to assume that your first-time tattoos will be for life.
  • The Tattoo Design
    Once you've decided that you want a tattoo, the next step is to choose the design you want. There are hundreds of tattoo design categories to choose from, including a dragon, flower, butterfly, angel, the sun, etc. The choice is endless.

Most tattoos are from predesigned templates. It's just a case of choosing the one you want (some are free, but the better ones cost up to $20) and take it to your tattoo artist selected.

Visit some tattoo-related websites, look at tattoo design books, and decide on the general type of design you want. Once you've done that, narrow it down to the actual model that you want.

Alternatively, if you can't find what you're looking for or want your tattoo to be unique, you could consider getting an artist to design custom first-time tattoos exclusively for you.

A custom design is more expensive, depending on size and level of detail, although more regular tats will work out cheaper as most tattoo artists will have experience designing them. However, you'll have complete control over how your tattoo looks, nobody else will have the same, and it will last you for the rest of your life.

Always remember, a good tattoo is not cheap, and a reasonable symbol is not good.

And a word of warning, unless you intend to place your tattoo on the part of your body that you can't see (such as your back), choose something that you don't think you'll get tired of looking at it. The worst situation is to get a new tattoo on an obvious part of your body that you grow to hate within a few months.

It's also important to choose a design that will be as relevant to you in the future as it is today.  Appropriate is particularly suitable when it comes to plans that include names.

Many people get their names of their children added to their tattoo. A name is a safe option because they'll always be your children. But think before you get the name of your spouse or partner tattooed over your body. What if you separate in the future? Will a new partner be happy to see the name of your ex-emblazoned across your neck?

First Time Tattoos Color Or Black?

Another consideration that's closely linked to your choice of design is whether it will be in color or just black. This decision largely depends on the type of plan that you like.

But bear in mind that black tattoos tend to have more definition. Due to the contrast with your skin, they're more noticeable than the smoothing effect achieved by color tattoos. In comparison, color tattoos are much more vibrant and help add more character to your chosen design, but they cost more.

First Time Tattoos Which Part Of Your Body?

Before you decide which part of your body to get tattooed, there are three minor issues to consider. First, bear in mind the size of your chosen design. If you've set your heart on a broad plan, there won't likely be enough space on your hands or ankles, etc. Back, shoulders, chest, and stomach are better areas for large designs.

Second, how visible do you want your tattoo to be? Do you want it to be on public display most of the time, or do you want it to be more discreet? If so, it's important to bear in mind your usual style of dress.

It's also important to remember that certain professions such as the police have strict rules about no tattoos on the lower arms etc. So if that will be an issue, check with your employers first.

Third, specific areas are more painful than others. As a general rule, areas of your body where the flesh is thinner and bonier, such as your ankles, head, and lower back, tend to be more painful. Less painful areas of tattoo include your shoulders, chest, upper arm, and upper end. And due to the number of nerve endings involved, it goes without saying that more intimate areas of your body could be susceptible.

First Time Tattoos Size

The size of your tattoo will be by the location where it appears on your body. After all, a design that measures twelve inches square won't fit on the back of your hand. Large tattoos will also take longer to complete (and therefore cost more) and more noticeable.

First Time Tattoos Summary

But don't let all that lead you to believe that a small tattoo is something you can do on a whim. A little symbol is just as significant a commitment as a more substantial design and will last just as long.

Getting any first-time tattoos done is a significant decision, so don't rush into it, and make sure that you're certain about all of the choices above before you go any further.