Top 3 Tattoo Styles You Must Know

Top 3 Tattoo Styles

Top 3 Tattoo Styles You Must Know. Before choosing a tattoo style, you must clearly understand the different types available in the market and their meanings and backgrounds. This will enable you to make a better decision since the more knowledgeable you are, the best you can make. There are tattoo artists who specialize in different tattoo styles alone. The tattoo styles can be grouped into three fundamental categories, namely flat, traditional, and fine lines.

Flat Tattoo
These are the predecessors of the current tattoo styles. A lack of details has characterized them. The flat tattooing style shows solid color blocks, frequently black, with no shades, components, or texture.

Top 3 Tattoo Styles They include shapes and elementary symbols in a single thick line that can be either left as a hollow sketch or filled in with black color.  
These styles can be found everywhere and are considerably represented by tribal tattoo styles. Simple symbols made from dark ink are generally used to describe a person's status and enhance the appearance of the body part. Even flat tattooing can contribute some attractive artwork if done efficiently.
Traditional Tattoo
Traditional tattoos have been known for black, thick sketches and solid color blocks. Top 3 Tattoo Styles Traditional tattooing depends on fresh, simple design and execution. It is almost similar to a flat tattooing style. The difference is that traditional tattoos include little detail in the artwork, except for the necessary things to communicate the tattoo design. Unlike flat tattoos, it consists of more shading and colors other than black.
The depth of the work can be understood by the color laid in the tattoo design and skilled shading. Traditional tattoos include techniques such as hearts, daggers, snakes, eagles, roses, and butterflies. Traditional tattoos can stay everlasting and are visible from long distances, but flat tattoos cannot be assured to this extent.
Fine Line
This tattooing style is well known for delicate, narrow lines and many more details compared to the other two types. Top 3 Tattoo Styles. This is the modern primitive style. Though it may include different styles, much more effort must be put in to obtain the contemporary world's attractive, revived, excellent design.
This tattooing style has opened the world to a wide imaginary and severe artistic ability. The working depth can be felt by the thin fine lines of the sketches, precise shading, and detailed designs depicting a lot more.
A good tattoo artist can use a combination of the three different styles. However, he must be capable of integrating solid color blocks characterizing flat and traditional tattoos with the Fine line design.