Sexy Tattoo Placement-5 Sexy Places For Female Tattoos

Sexy Tattoo Placement

Sexy Tattoo Placement-5 Sexiest Places Females Get Tattooed

Sexy Tattoo Placement is not difficult to do.  Just follow this list and you won't go wrong.

  1. Behind The Ear - Size is significant when placing a tattoo behind the ear. A small symbol, commonly smaller than the size of a coin or tinier, will look best behind the ear. Tattooing on the back of the ear is one of the complicated areas so the only an experienced artist will have the skill. When a tattoo behind the ear is sized right and tattooed well, it is one of the sexiest places a female can get tattooed
  2. Under The Bra On The Rib Cage - This is a surprisingly sexy place for a woman to get tattooed. A design placed under the armpit at the top of the rib cage. It is a vast area so a tattoo as small as two inches or as large as ten inches would look quite natural there. This area takes tattooing well, and a competent artist should have no trouble applying a quality tattoo there.
  3. Hip - The hip is a perfect sexy area for female tattoo placement. On some woman, this is a significant enough are to do substantial tattooing, but even smaller work will look nice. The hip takes tattooing very well, and even intricate tattoos should have no problems healing when placed on the bone.
  4. Back Of The Knee - A tattoo placed on the back of knee can be sexy. These areas are hard to tattoo so a skilled tattoo artist must do the job. Space itself is relatively limited in size, so that little pieces of art look the sexiest on the back of the knee.
  5. On Top Of The Foot - The top of the foot is an attractive position for a female to get tattooed. Not to be mixed up with receiving a toe tattoo which never entirely works out. A small symbol under four or five inches looks best on foot. It is a reasonably hard area to tattoo and will require a good tattoo artist to ensure a proper healing symbol.

Sexy Tattoo Placement Summary

The key to a sexy placement of a tattoo is to find an experienced tattoo artist.  If your artist has a long history of work and his art beautiful you have the right person.  Remember to listen to the word of mouth when choosing your parlor so you know the work is good.  Recommendations from other with desirable work are usually the best.