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Ivy Tattoo Images Tattoo Design Features

Since almost the beginning of artistic tattoo movement, the use of Ivy, Grape Vines and Vines featured in many designs. Lots of times they are used with plants and flowers or entirely on their own. One of the reasons vines are so favorite is that they are comfortable for the artist to drape, twist and coil around on the body. The leaves and stems of grapes and Ivy tattoos alike, allow for creative freedom for the artist. Besides their vast appeal for the design qualities they also have deep symbolic yore that is all their own.

Ivy Tattoo Images Cultures

The Roman God of wine and entertainment, Bacchus, often wore the evergreen Ivy in a crown which was symbolic of eternal life. In ancient Egypt, Osiris carried a staff is wound with Ivy. Bacchus had a group of admirers who gathered around him to rejoice the freeing using intoxication. The admirers usually wore a crown of Ivy as well, thinking that it praised the effects of the grape. Strangely enough, Ivy also stood for intelligence in ancient Rome. Some fables tell of Bacchus eluding his enemies by crossing over the Euphrates River by a bridge that covered in ivy and vines. Another such favorite parable says that Bacchus, who was being hunted by pirates, was saved when the enemy ships' rigging became unfit by the grasping of the Ivy.

Ivy Tattoo Images History

In early Ireland, the Celts considered Ivy to be a symbol of death, purpose and spiritual growth. When displayed with a curved extension around a tree, was thought to represent reincarnation, excitement, and delight? The ability of the ivy to curl, cling and even kill a mighty oak tree greatly impressed the Druids of ancient times. In regards to the Ivys' strength, the Druids along with the Pagans used the ivy in spiritual rituals. When depicted as an evergreen plant the vine became a symbol of eternal life.

Ivy Tattoo Images Summary

Christians view the Ivys' twisting, curling growth as a symbol of the Resurrection of Christ. To them, it depicted the miracle of the spiritual being to the Godlike. At first, the Christian shunned the use of both Vine and Ivy since they felt they are thought to be pagans. In the Roman festivals of the rejoicing of winter, the Ivy and Holly became indivisible as Christmas plants. Leaving their Pagan past forgotten

Ivy Tattoo Images Summary

In past times, lovers would take the Ivy as a symbol of fidelity. Many brides would incorporate and carry it in their wedding bouquets. As well many women would wear it for fertility and good fortune. One of the reasons the Ivy notoriety has risen is because it is incredibly rugged even in the worst conditions. In the age of Victorian times, Ivy was also an symbol of friendship and wedded bliss during the marriage ceremony.

Ivy Tattoo Images

If you are seeking spiritual growth, happiness, fertility and more, then you might consider the Ivy Tattoo or Grape Vines to be your next inked design. Never, however, get a tattoo because they are famous or someone told you. It's always best to research before and discover as much as possible, as being inked is a lifetime commitment.