Hawaiian Tattoo Designs-Inked Tribal Tattoos

Hawaiian Tattoo Designs

Hawaiian Tattoo Designs

Tattooing is one of the essential rituals in Hawaiian culture, like praying to a tattooed god every time one member of their village gets a tattoo in which a prayer is said in the temple. The purposes for tattooing are not necessarily to follow a fashion trend. As a ritual, most tattoos represent these few intentions like mourning for a lost loved one, the charm of Talisman for a  safeguard from evil spirits, and personal identification which community or group they represent.

Hawaiian Tattoo Designs Popular Designs

One of the most common Hawaiian tattoo ideas is the tribal design. The Tribal Hawaiian tattoo art, known as Kakau, has been practiced for hundreds of centuries for a variety of purposes. These goals are personal connections; Charms in tattoos are for offer protection; as a symbol of the death of a loved one; and decoration.

Hawaiian Tattoo Designs Getting a Tattoo

Receiving a Hawaiian tattoo in a tribal village was not a very enjoyable experience since modern tattoo equipment was available instead they used sharpened and cutting parts of animals, like bird beaks and claws. Tribal Hawaiian tattoos are black, and the tattoo ink is a mixture of kukui nuts and sugarcane juice.

Hawaiian Tattoo Designs-Tribal Tattoos

Tribal Hawaiian tattoo designs are on many body parts. For males they are on the legs, arms, and torso, however, for females, they are on the hands, wrist, and tongue.  Traditional Hawaiian tattoo design is Hawaiian Bands on legs and arms.

Hawaiian Tattoo Designs Traditional

Hawaiian arm tattoos are often a nod to the traditional Hawaiian tattoo style, though with a decidedly modern appearance. Michael Malone, tattoo artist and one of the students of Sailor Jerry created the Hawaiian armband tattoo in the 70s. His designs are the take-offs on traditional Hawaiian tattoo motifs, the armband itself is not fixed later on the armband tattoo became popular amongst Hawaiian youth who wanted to express its heritage. The arm tattoos come from the ancient culture of the Tiki population. It is so widespread in the 1950s and 60s its tattoo designs are on the hands and the facial areas of the group. Tiki means to the mythical ancestor and first human.

Hawaiian Tattoo Designs Summary

In this sense, it is natural that Tribal Hawaiian tattoo designs are so favorite right now because of its essential aspect of the Hawaiian culture. Art Tattoo Designs in different elements are significant to every culture because it depicts not only the artistic style or fashion statement of every ethnic group but also how each people use it to the interpretation of different symbols, the history of their country and even their personality. Since a tattoo is a process that is very painful and a lot of perseverance, I can honestly say that people in Hawaii have a sense of courage to embrace and enrich their culture.