Spiritual Tattoo Symbols-How Religious Are You?

Spiritual Tattoo Symbols

Spiritual Tattoo Symbols

Spiritual Tattoo Symbols, Christian tattoos are proudly displayed by Christians today to make a statement of their faith or spirituality or in memory of a departed loved one or for their meaning. A century ago not too many people had a Christian tattoo, as tattoos were frowned upon by the Christian clergy, Jewish and Muslim faiths. Although there are Christians who still disapprove of symbols, the modern Christians believe that by having a Christian tattoo it enhances their confidence in displaying to non-believers how proud they are of their faith. Where there is negative, there always is positive.

Spiritual Tattoo Symbols Ancient Symbols

There are various sorts of spiritual tattoos; the more common ones arestars, moons, and suns have more of spiritual meaning. It is interesting to note that in the time of the Crusaders, Jesus, Mother Mary, angels, crosses, praying hands, rosaries, hearts, and vines were popular. Tattoos with, lilies, hibiscus, roses some knights had a small cross tattoo inked on their hand. The designs indicated their desire for a Christian burial should the need arise. Also in the sixties and seventies, the Christian culture was under threat with the popularity of drugs, sex and rock and roll to reinforce Christianity, so many Christians supported a Christian tattoo.

Spiritual Tattoo Symbols Popular Designs

The most popular religious tattoo is, of course, the cross. If you decide on cross designs it would be wise to research the design of the cross as there are many different types of crosses with a variety of meanings. If you are not a spiritual person but would like to have a crucifix tattoo, then you should examine the tribal crosses, and these emblems do not have a particular religious meaning.

Christian Tattoo Designs and Their Symbolism

  1. The Cross - The crucifixion of Jesus - Can represent a sacrifice for human sins. However, there are several interpretations of the cross.
  2. The Peacock - Resurrection - As the peacock sheds its feathers the new feathers are more beautiful than the previous feathers.
  3. Lily - Symbolizing immortality and eternal life.
  4. Phoenix - Resurrection - The mythical bird with the life cycle of continual death and rebirth from ashes.
  5. Palm Leaf - Used for the greeting and worship of Jesus into Jerusalem before his crucifixion.
  6. Shepherd - Normally shown with carrying a lamb over his shoulders - Jesus' loving care as our heavenly shepherd.
  7. Triquetra - Geometrical design with one continuous line that creates three arcs to represent eternity and indivisibility of the Holy Trinity.
  8. Nimbuses (Halos) - Shown in Jesus, Mary, the apostle's saints, etc.
  9. I.N.R.I. - A Latin inscription which appeared on the top of Jesus' cross translating to Jesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum meaning Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews.
  10. Ship - Showing a boat sailing through stormy seas. Indicates the ability of Churches to withstand all perils and remain unscathed.
  11. Candle - A follower of Jesus, the Light of the World.
  12. 3 Intertwining Equal Circles - Symbolizing unity, equality and eternity of the Holy Trinity.
  13. Dove-The Spirit of the Holy Trinity.
  14. Burning Torch - Let your light shine among men.
  15. Butterfly - The metamorphosis of death and rebirth of the new person.

Spiritual Tattoo Symbols Summary

When choosing a tattoo, ask yourself why you wish to have a Christian mark. Your answer will help you determine which tattoo design you will be proud to display on your body. There are many books or websites to find the exact tattoo that suits you.