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White Ink Tattoo

White Ink Tattoo

Our bodies are containers of self-expression; we dress them in fabrics, embellish them with jewelry, and paint our faces, and we even make permanent modifications to our dermis by way of piercings and body art. These times, tattooing has grown to be an incredibly distinct design form with a certain following, and an ever-increasing amount of personalities are removing the last lingering tattoo restrictions to set their bodies out as paintings for the tattoo artist's designs. This has started a change in tattoo art, and there are some hot corners into which tattooists are producing an innovative approach, like the white ink tattoo.

White Ink Tattoo eye-catching

When most people think about tattoos, they think of sharp and instantly eye-catching. Even the smallest symbol of stars on a wrist, intended to be concealed, pops when exposed. Not everyone, however, wants to be bold in how they display themselves; some people relish in playing their boldness toward the subtle. For many of these characters, a white ink tattoo fulfills this purpose.  The completed ink looks very soft,  it resembles a slightly raised area, and will show a likeness to a brand or scar once entirely healed.

White Ink Tattoo Nature of the Ink

Given the nature of this ink, though, getting a white ink tattoo can be its exercise in faith. Many people who have embraced this alternative have found their skin to be unreceptive to the white ink, a chance that is equal to the darkness of the skin. Others experienced irritation and significant fading, again because skin does not always take well to these inks. The tattoo will never be a pure, bright white either and often the ink will adopt a red or yellow tint over time.

White Ink Tattoo method

Receiving a white ink tattoo also involves a more extensive method as the tattoo artist will have to go over it numerous times to guarantee that the ink takes and may want to redo the process at a later date. The tedious process is often pointed out by artists in response to why they don't offer the white ink tattoo. The likelihood of fading or color change is a common reason a client becomes displeased. Due to the high dissatisfaction among clients, most artists prefer not to use white ink.

White Ink Tattoo drawbacks

Still, those who are aware of the drawbacks and get a white ink tattoo regardless are often satisfied with the results. A well-done white tattoo will gorgeously ghost across its surface of the skin and whisper its purpose with a desirable twist of intrigue. It may not provide the boldest means to make a statement, but that just makes them ideal for understated messages. Hold an eye out for additional improvements in white ink application because as its demand continues to rise, so too will the drive for tattoo masters to understand this beautiful tattoo form.

White Ink Tattoo Summary

Unless you have very dark color skin a white ink will probably not have lasting effects on your skin.  Check with your tattoo artist to see if they know how to properly use the ink.  With new inks being introduced to the industry continuously a good white ink will more than likely be discovered.  Before you ink think.