Rib Tattoos That Are Absolutely Worth It

rib tattoos

Rib Tattoos That Are Absolutely Worth It

Getting a rib tattoo is a significant commitment that requires careful consideration. It's worth noting that the rib area is one of the body's most sensitive tattooing spots. If you have a fit and muscular physique and are contemplating a rib tattoo, make sure you have a high tolerance for pain.

Women like to get rib tattoos that begin at the hip area of the rib cage and continue to the breast region. This type of tattoo is shared as it provides a vast canvas space to work with on the body. A toned physique is almost a basis if you want to have your tattoo stand out and look elegant.

These tattoos carve a place to highlight the natural curvatures and characteristics of the female body. The most traditional tattoo designs for women are quotes or sayings in a chic font, tribal artwork, dragons, soft-colored rosy leaves and branches, blossoms of all sorts, vines, butterflies, saints, moons, cherry buds, swallows and quasars. Some women have even had entire verses tattooed on their ribcages.

Others have opted for a single name, Peace, Love, or the signature of the particular person in their life. Some Hollywood superstars, such as Megan Fox, have had this type of tattoo performed. She chooses a quote that has special meaning in her life. That is an excellent idea for someone wanting something personal and genuinely significant as their tattoo.
Men tend to prefer masculine tattoos and hardcore. Some are the most popular ideas for men are reptiles, waterfowl, monsters, and koi fish. Guardian spirits are also prevalent. It is famous for men to go for rib tattoos involving script or words. These are etched in specially selected Old English fonts or written fonts. The solution is to adopt a font with loads of fine lines and a splendidly crafted design.

Tribal patterns, crucifixes, weapons, dragons, single statement quotes, and sayings are also popular with men. A super plan for both sexes features Celtic artwork, butterflies, and sports fish designs. Original tattoo lettering, often in a different language, has been gaining popularity in recent years.

I recommend that you investigate all perspectives of acquiring a tattoo. However, please do not diminish the discomfort factor, as getting a symbol made on your ribs will be more sensitive than on any distinct portion of your body. Whatever object you prefer, make sure you go to a licensed tattoo designer to have the job performed.