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Short Letter Tattoo

Short Letter Tattoo-The Two Letter Tattoo

Short Letter Tattoo, In the modern world, there are some who own tattoos. Some are pretty; some surround the entire body. They tell the whole story. A trend which has become popular over the last few years is a design that uses only letters. Representations that have one or two letters or numbers are hot. This seems to make them more individual and unique.Simple lettering can be huge for individuals who decide which font to choose. These tattoos are short usually one or two letters long.

Short Letter Tattoo Bible Verses

A lot of men and women like to use their favored Bible verse. It is common to get on that has a significant meaning to them. Some may take a quote out of a favorite book. Care should be taken with the quotes though. Some might be long and not look good on the skin. Other people just want words that express their feelings or emotions.

Short Letter Tattoo Fonts

Once you select to get words tattooed on yourself, the next step is to choose the font. Just like the letter on your computer or phone.  There is a collection of them to choose. Some like the antique style fonts, others like handwriting, or calligraphy.  Some ideas are Medieval, Ancient and Traditional Old English. There are also fonts available in different languages, Sanskrit, Japanese, Greek, or whatever you prefer and fits what you desire.

Short Letter Tattoo Styles

After you settle on the style and shades that you favor, all that is left is for you to decide is what initials or slogan you want on your body. Keep it short; tattoo lettering usually only consists of a few letters, not an entire story. Go for just two lines. It will read appropriately on your arm, or wherever you have it done. As you age, your ideas and opinions will change. You must be sure that anything you get will show who you are twenty years from now. You do not want to be humiliated along the way by something that sounded cute at another stage of your life.

Short Letter Tattoo Think

Whatever you do, if you have the vaguest idea of going forward and getting something made with your sweetheart's initials, perhaps you better think it over again. Once that tattoo is on your body, it is there permanently. You may not be in love in six months. Relationships end, even marriages. Do you want your ex's name on you for eternity? Although a laser can take it off, it's expensive and painful to remove. Not only for your well-being, but your new loved one will be stressed every time they look at you. It is something to think about for a long time before deciding to do it.

Short Letter Tattoo Summary

One style of lettering tattoos that is popular and is a better idea is the well-formed ambigram tattoo. This design says the same word looking at it straight on as it does upside down. Some people prefer the asymmetrical style, which means something unique read when you turn your head. They can be baffling to people who read them. Whether you use one of the contemporary styles or think of something on your own, just let it reveal who you are, and be cautious of what it says. As long as you do both, you'll be good.