Nipple Tattoos-A New Option for Breast Reconstruction

nipple tattoos

Nipple Tattoos

Nipple Tattoos I'm surely not the kind of person that be applicable to tattoo parlors. I am not the kind of person that does this various kind of stuff, but I decided to make love. I knew about the option to have a nipple tattooing and I feel like it was really important for me. I have to say I'm 54 -years-old and I are not an advocate of figure artwork. But I am now. Well certainly not everybody is ready to come to a tattoo patronize to have a tattooing done. But somehow that adds to the plot, the glamour of going a tattoo done at a tattoo patronize. So it lends a little bit of amusing to it.

So this is the last step in our entire reconstruction with the whole heart cancer combats it, therefore, did kind of exceed it all for something a little amusing and exciting. In my suit because of my diagnosis and the aggressiveness of my cancer, it was recommended that I have both hearts removed. The good word is that there are lots of procedures that can be done now to construct females have breast and to appear that they have breast, but nipple tattooing certainly prepared the parcel complete.

Nipple Tattoos History

In 2001, I was asked by a medical doctor in Baltimore to come to his tradition and do the tattooing. And I knew right off that it could be something that was a worthwhile business. I knew that it could be something good. I'm probably doing sixty to seventy a few months so, you are familiar with, six to eight hundred a year. Numerous beings, myself included, didn't really know what nipple tattooing was and to the artwork who are able to construct a three-dimensional or appear three dimensional. And so there is some tattoo artist that can do those different shadowing procedures and coloring to make it ogle as real as possible.

Each girl that comes in is different, so each case of nipple tattoos has to be approached differently. It may be bilateral or unilateral; she may have had nipple reconstruction or not have nipple reconstruction; she might have had to tattoo in the past so each one has to be approached differently. Everyone was very nice and apply me at ease. And then when I went into the area -- the separate room where we are really doing the tattoos, I experienced pleasant there, the tattoo artist settled me at ease and it experienced similar to a medical surrounding. My insurance company did report a part of my nipple tattooing procedure. I have heard from others that they've had to fight for it. In the end, they were able to get it shielded though. It caught me quite honestly how much I appreciate it; when I glanced in the mirror that I merely visually appear ordinary again.

Recently I was at a doctor's appointment and doing a physical exam where the physician had asked me why I chose to have nipple-sparing surgery or nipple tattoos, including my senility and the facts of the case that I had breast cancer twice. When I had told him that we are really being real nipples these nipple tattoos and the latter is done by a tattoo, he couldn't believe it. A medical professional certainly couldn't tell the difference and when a medical professional couldn't then my figure certainly glanced entire again, when for so many years, it experienced highly separated.

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