Lower Back Tattoo Pictures-Tattoo Design For You

Lower Back Tattoo Pictures

Lower Back Tattoo Pictures-Which Tattoo Designs Are For You?

Lower Back Tattoo Pictures, For many, a lower back tattoo is a great way of expressing oneself. Clothes can be comfortably worn to cover up the design at a time when you may wish (e.g., business meetings). Of course, the amount of exposure you allow your tattoo will also depend on the climate of your country and the sorts of clothes you choose to wear. Many women find this empowering and wear low-rise jeans to show off their new art!

Lower Back Tattoo Pictures Ideas

  • THE ORIGINS Although women may be drawn to this area of their body because they have seen similar tattoos on celebrities or friends, the origins of having a lower back symbol are in female energy. The lower back is purportedly the core of feminine creative energy. To accentuate this section of your body is to highlight this power and illustrate your independence; it is empowering.
  • FEMININE EMPHASIS On a physical level, a lower back tattoo will emphasize your feminine curves by focusing the eyes and flattering your shape. Another benefit of this area is that it is a proportionately vast area and easily hidden, so it allows perhaps more creative designs to be tattooed without such designs always being on the show.
  • YOUR CHOICE When deciding which of the many lower back tattoo designs you desire, you should recognize that you are the one who counts - you must want to artwork for yourself and not for anyone else. However, if you are in a relationship, you should apparently discuss this with your partner, as you would any other issue.
  • YOUR DECISIONS Once you have decided that you want a lower back tattoo, you will need to make four decisions.

Lower Back Tattoo Pictures Decisions

  1. First Decision, First of all, you will need to decide upon the design with which you want. You should visit several tattoo parlors (and scour the internet) for ideas. Make sure that you brainstorm your ideas before you visit a tattoo parlor as the experience can be powerful, and you may end up coming home with something you did not want you did not want it! Many women prefer something soft and elegant around their lower back. Zodiac symbols, flowers, and tribal tattoos are perfect for this. There are also some beautiful symbolic tattoos which use ancient Celtic symbols. If you would like to use a logo from a language you do not speak, check (and check again) that this symbol means what you want it to say!
  2. Second Decision The second decision you will need to make is whether the tattoo should be symmetrical. If it is, it will flow very well with your balanced hips and therefore highlight your femininity. However, if you would prefer a design which is not symmetrical, then go for it.
  3. Third Decision The third decision you will need to make it whether the tattoo should have any color in it. This choice depends on what design you have chosen as some (e.g., crosses, tribal tattoos) are better suited to black ink whereas other (e.g., animals, faces) are better suited to have colored ink.
  4. Final Decision The final decision you will have to make is the most important: which tattoo artist should you choose. Apparently, do some research beforehand and chat with previous customers. Are the facilities hygienic? Do they comply with local standards? Are they happy to answer your questions? Most importantly, however, do you feel comfortable there?

Lower Back Tattoo Pictures Summary

The critical point is to ensure that your tattoo is the best it can be and is perfect for you. In all cases, I would suggest that you have a temporary tattoo applied so that you can see what your tattoo would look like beforehand. You are the only person who must like it, so invest time and thought. It will be worth it!