Tattoo Prank For My Mom!!

Tattoo Prank

Tattoo Prank

Tattoo Prank What are you guys doing? Rinor: Did Mom go to sleep? Rina: Yoo Rinor what is that? Rinor: What? Rina: What is that?? Rinesa: Turn around Mom: Rinor why are you sleeping here? Mom: Go sleep in your room! Rina: Mom looks what Rinor has done. Rina: Look he got a Tattoo. Mom: What did you do??? Mom; You got a tattoo? Mom: You know that's not good for you, right? Rina: Mom I told you that this guy is messed up.

He went and got a tattoo for no reason a tattoo prank. You know that is permanent right? Mom: Why did you get a tattoo, you know that's not good right? Rinor: Last night... Mom: What do you mean last night?? Rinor: Let me wake up first... Mom: No you can't... What time did you come home?? Rinor: am Mom: So when did you get the tattoo?? Rinor: Last night... Mom: that's not good Rinor. Rinor: I know it's not good but I had to do it, so I did it. Mom: What do you mean you had to do it??? Rinor: We drank a little bit with friends, and we had a competition, the loser has to get a tattoo. Mom: But it's not good for you. Rinor: It's the EAGLE Rinor: I have to show the whole world I'm Albanian Mom: But this doesn't come off Rina: Yes is permanent Rinor: So what?? Rina: I don't know why is he finding this so funny. Rina: Slap him in the face than he will wake up. Rinor: I know it's not good but it's the eagle Mom: The eagle, so what it's never coming off.

Mom: Did you ask me for this? Rinor: I called you but you didn't pick up Rina: and he knows that mom doesn't like tattoos Mom: Rina did you know about this? Rina: No I just saw it, and that's why I called you. Rinor: I know it looks bad but trust me it's really nice. Mom: Dad is going to kill you. Am telling you that this is not good for you. Rinor: It's pretty good. Mom: No it's not. Rinor: Last night I didn't see it good, but now I quite like it. Mom: U like it? Rinor: mom look, am almost turning 20 soon and Mom: So what 20, 40 it doesn't matter. Mom: because you know I don't like this kind of stuff Rinor: yes but girls like tattoos Rina: You see he is taking it as a joke. Mom: Trust me am disappointed and when dad comes he is going to kill you Rinor: Why you don't like it? Mom: No I don't Rinor: Why not? It's an eagle Rinor: Listen there is a lot of people watching us on youtube, we got to show them that we are Albanians.

Rina: They can now we are Albanian even without a tattoo Mom: I have no comment for this. Rinor: Wait wait Mom: go back to your room Rinor: Can I just say something quick Mom: No Rinor: I have to tell you that with this tattoo I will get a lot of girls. In a week I will get like 5 girls and I won't be lonely anymore Mom: And how do other people get girls without tattoos. You don't need a tattoo for that Rinor: I couldn't anymore Rina: I don't know how you not getting used with his lies. Rinor: No but for real is a tattoo Rinor: where is a mom? Rinor: You woke up at 8 am and this is how we say good morning to you Mom: You will take a beating one day!!!Tattoo Prank.

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