Dinosaur Tattoo – Ink Master: Redemption, Season 3

Dinosaur Tattoo

Dinosaur Tattoo

Dinosaur Tattoo Welcome back, Jennifer. - Thank you. - Your artist was Alex Rockoff. - Yes. I have a jacked-up pregnant Dinosaur Tattoo on the back of my leg. I crave a T. rex on a surfboard. - That's what I'm talking about. That gazes clean. - It's kind of what I do, this mode. I'm known for full- color tattoos, new Academy intends. - Nice, dude.

Nice fades-out. - Jen, why did the jury referendum Alex to the bottom? - They told me my dinosaur seemed pregnant. Maybe if we could've only shaded his belly a bit different, so that it doesn't have that complete roundness effect. - It's a new academy challenge, and I love the tattoo that I did. - My seven-year-old mentioned, "Oh, get a T.

Rex, you are familiar with, on a surfboard. It'd be so cool." - Okay. - Get home. "Mom, why does your dinosaur search pregnant? " Okay, that's embarrassing. Then my 13 -year-old son. "Mom, your tattoo is jacked up." - You got this tattoo for the extreme people that are now ridiculing you. - Yes. -[ chuckles] - But that's not the most difficult duty. I go into the store, and this guy is like, "Oh, hey, you were on' Ink Master'." And he calls his chum over, and he's like, "Yo, this is the girl that got the pregnant dinosaur." I don't care what other people envisage, but...

they don't know if it's a Dinosaur Tattoo or if it's a lizard or if it's a snake. It's embarrassing. - I have Alex in the shop here. - I'ma[ bleep] knock this[ bleep] out, dude. - He doesn't know you're here. - Okay. - If you'd like to go talk to him about this-- - Oh, for sure. - Why don't you chief on in there? - It's important for me to tell Alex that he screwed up a tattoo that actually meant something to me. He pretty much stirred my leg a laughingstock of "Ink Master." - You think it was easy for me to go on national television and do a tattoo that I don't like? - You signed up for this.

- You're absolutely right I did.[ bleep ]... We got another one. - Did he give you a bad tattoo too? - Yeah. - Oh, so it isn't just me. - How do you feel about screwing up the tattoo you did for my son? -[ sighs] It hurts. - This ought to be your walk in the park. - But in the hot of things-- - You could've looked at it and been like, "Oh,[ bleep ], the belly looks like it's pregnant. Let me shadow it a little bit more." - Sometimes, only doing these tattoos, it's really hard, especially on camera.

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