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Elimination Tattoo

Elimination Tattoo All right, guys elimination tattoo time. You have six hours to tattoo and your time starts now. - Let's go. -[ squeals] - Drawing is everything in this tournament. Today I'm hoping that somebody can actually draw from living and be demonstrated by details. - If you're cool, I'm cool. - Yeah, I can do that. - The hardest place about elimination tattooing when you're a squad and you're labeling in and out every hour is who's micromanaging? - No, no, only making it up right there.

- Who's backseat driving? Who's in control? - Go a little bit--right there. - They're gonna have to be on the same page to come up with a describing that they can both implement your elimination. - Michael, I believe it's in your hands, bro. - Told the fun to embark.[ tattoo machine buzzing][ dramatic rock music][ rock music] - Yeah, you're good like that. Our shop deserves to be Master Shop because we're considered to be one of the best available portrait, reality shops in "the worlds". - Yeah, and we're just[ bleep] awesome people, so ... -[ titters] Yeah. There "there's going". I specialize in photo-realism. That includes coloring and black and gray-haired. Darken it up. - I know, I'm just trying to level that out a little bit. I've been tattooing for 26 times. I specialize in kind of everything because I've been tattooing so long. - You're gonna want to buy a pet alligator after this, dude. We got this. - Four hours standing, guys. Switch artists.[ exciting music] - All right, here we go.

Align: start - As far as, like, the lining, go with your instinct, man. My favorite thing in "the worlds" to tattoo is fouls, so I'm super stoked right now. Most people would know me for bright colors, smooth mixes, really super soft pitch-black and gray-headed. - Will you spot me some more of that red violet? Thanks, honey. - You're welcome, dear. - That's the cool character about having a teammate.

I'm not feeling super confident in this challenge, but I know Jessy's awesome at this. We're like a yin and yang. I'm primarily known for a brand-new school. What's unique about my brand-new institution is that I have a nice, girly touch. Certainly moving a little slower on this rose than I expected. - Better to take your time, do it right.[ rock music] - When you're running out of a citation, I don't want you to go past what we've pulled. I'm really aiming to show the judges that we have a better hypothesis over everybody else's elimination tattoo. - I symbolize I don't want to, like, waste time exactly, like, not doing anything. - Well, it's better to not do anything than to do what doesn't need to be done. For "the worlds largest" place, I do black and gray-headed. But at the end of the day, I want to do whatever technique is most effective to tell my client's story.

Align: purpose Deem on, let me operate you this new script real quick. - Dave is changing the sketch. Why are you doing that? We had a propose, let's stick to it. - Well, it was never finished, so ... - People doubt me because I'm a young, black female. I don't have those several years of ordeal. But I'm here to demonstrate everybody wrong. Just let people know, like, "Hey, We good at this[ bleep] too. - Two more hours to tour. Switch artists![ heavy rock music] - Crunch time, buddy. I did not expect to see, like, live animals going in. -[ Bleep] no, dude. -[ chuckles] - That is the last time occasion I expected. - I've been tattooing 17 years.

I am knows we the realistic black-and-gray, high-contrast, photo-realism style. - Think you got it? - I do. Mike's my boss. He owns the store. So there's a lot on the line. - I have been tattooing approximately 5 1/2 years. My style is illustrative, bold, bright, colorful. And what I'm strong in, he excels in. - We're a perfect match. - There is no reason we can't win this. - Perfectly.[ heavy rock music] - You're killing it, brother.

Proud of you, huh? We're a big family. This is my brother from another father. - Yep. - Probably a little bit more black right in that area. Just push it. At the end, I want to show my family that here in the United States, you can represent your daydreams come true. We're here to acquire it. This is a good tattoo.

- This is the best snake out there.[ dramatic music] - Five, four, three, two, one. That is it. The machine's down, time is up. No more ink. - Very, very confident, for sure. - That's awesome. - Tri-Cities and Thicker Than Blood should be worried about going home today. Jhon and Biery's tattoo looks just like a weird space worm. And Tri-Cities' tattoo simply looks like a tube with a foreman. It's just bad in a different way.[ dramatic music] - Definitely one of a kind.