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Thai Tattoo Culture

Thai Tattoo Culture Tattoo Methods

Thai Tattoo Culture, Thai culture has provided many exciting concepts in dance, beliefs, religion and language, each filled with elaborate details and a wealth of meaning; this is a huge part of what makes Thai culture unique. This wealth of sense is given to tattooing as well, which has a deeper meaning to the Thai people. Anyone attending a tattoo school Thailand will learn the process and styles of Thai tattoos, an appreciation for the art of symbols in Thai culture and the depth of meaning of the tattoos.

Thai Tattoo Culture Artwork

Thai tattoos are more than artwork on the skin, and choosing the right tattoo school is an essential factor in determining the tattoo training students will receive. There is a sincere belief in tattoos that goes to the very core of Thai society. An inseparable intertwining of spiritualism with the designs makes their meaning even more special. Despite Buddhist beliefs that are prevalent in Thai community, the people have a firm belief in Animism, which they have woven into the fabric of their culture. Animism refers to the union of spirit and matter, a lack of separation between body and soul. The belief is that all life forms have a soul and this includes animals, insects, and plants.

Thai Tattoo Culture Spiritual

To find the link between Animism and Thai tattoos, one should understand that to the Thai people, getting a tattoo is an intense spiritual experience. It is essential that the tattoo course one chooses should reflect the importance of designs as a form of protection and strength from the spiritual world. The monks at Theravada are famous for their tattooing talents. They create images by hand as was the practice for thousands of years. Double-pronged rods are used to puncture the skin thousands of times to send ink below the surface of the skin.

Thai Tattoo Culture Detailed

School tattoo programs should concentrate on teaching students the incredibly detailed, painstaking task of creating traditional Thai tattoos. Some of the more popular tattoo art in Thailand include the Monkey King, Thai Dragon, Masks and Elephant Fish. Colors when used correctly in Thai tattooing, create a living tapestry of art. There are beliefs associated with each god and animal; for example, the tattoo of a tiger represent's protection of the person from physical harm and evil.

Thai Tattoo Culture Writings

Thai tattoos are by traditional writing that consists of prayers or chants. These poems are meant to protect the wearer or another person. For example, a mother can have a prayer for a child tattooed on her. Thai temple tattoos consist of geometric shapes and images of different gods, woven into a seamless design of forms and inscriptions. The prayers are believed to provide the wearer with magical powers. Temple tattoos are extensive, covering an entire chest or back.

Thai Tattoo Culture Summary

Authentic Thai ink is different from what that in Western tattoo parlors. The ink made by Buddhist monks from a variety of ingredients believed to contain plants and herbs, battery acid, snake oil, ashes and ground lizard skin among other things.