Mythological Tattoo Designs-Phoenix A New Life

Mythological Tattoo Designs

Mythological Tattoo Designs - The Phoenix, A Start of a New Life

Mythological Tattoo Designs, The Phoenix is a sacred mythological firebird which is very well-known to most of us. It came from the Greek definition of a palm tree. It has bright feathers with a vermilion and golden tailpiece. The Phoenix has a lifespan of approximately 500 to 1000 years.

Mythological Tattoo Designs Reborn

Before it's life ceases, the Phoenix will create a nest of myrrh sprigs in where it will set burn to itself. The bird and the cradle will both cook fiercely and will shift to ashes. From those ashes, a new newborn Phoenix will be reborn to experience a new life.

Mythological Tattoo Designs Stories

The Phoenix depicts the sun, in both Greek and Egyptian stories; it will perish in flames at the close of the day and will arise every daybreak again. For the early Christians, the Phoenix is a representation of renewal and rebirth. It goes from the old world to exist in a modern world of the spirit; this cycle continues for eternity.  It also expressed immortality, the triumph of living over dying and Christ's rebirth. The Phoenix is on Roman money depicts an everlasting empire. The Phoenix is also said to have an ability to warble sweetly.

Mythological Tattoo Designs Asian Culture

For the Chinese, the Phoenix is the symbol of grace and virtue. It is only secondary to the dragon. It also outlines the coming together of yin and yang or the good and the evil. The Empress, which solely could wear its symbol, is compared with this sensitive creature. In Japan, the Phoenix, simultaneously with the sun, is one of the hallmarks of the Japanese Empire.

Mythological Tattoo Designs Tattoos

Tattooing a phoenix is often connected to the dragon in Japan. It expresses good and evil or yin and yang. It is also the corresponding combination of the feminine and masculine virtues.

The Phoenix as a tattoo is often comparable with female characteristics. Each section of its figure is a representation of a particular virtue. Some of the fewer aspects of the Phoenix are duty, kindness, and reliability. The phoenix's flame represents transformation and purification through adversity and fire.

Mythological Tattoo Designs Representation

For any who is curious about receiving a phoenix as a tattoo, it can be a representative of a life that is a new or a life that has gone through change after a long passage of storms, trials, and hardships. The Phoenix can be a representation of someone's life that experienced a disturbing past and is now waiting to be reborn to put the history behind and begin a new life.