Suntan Tattoo Designs-Learn How To Make One

Suntan Tattoo Designs

Suntan Tattoo Designs

Suntan Tattoo Designs There are various types of temporary tattoos; there's one variety of body design that doesn't use ink pigment. Instead, it utilizes the sun to create a plan employing the body's normal means that results in a suntan. It's called a suntan tattoo!

Suntan Tattoo Designs-How it Works

It works like this: When exposed to sunshine, the skin reacts producing a dark pigment known as melanin. How dark a tan depends upon the amount of this dye in the surface and how evenly it is throughout the body.   People with lighter skin usually tan less and burn more quickly.   People with dark skin darken soon.

How To Create One

Creating a tan tattoo design requires a few things.  You will need a tight shirt that you will cut apart. . You will also need a place to lounge, some suntan lotion and a few hours of time.  Lastly, you will need a bright sunny day.

  • Decide you want a suntan tattoo. If you decide to put it on a leg than a pair of old leggings can be used instead of a tight shirt.
  • Next, determine the pattern you want for the suntan tattoo, and cut that figure out of the shirt or pants you'll wear while you're in the sun. Should your plan be elaborate, you can use tape to mask the sections you don't want to be bronzed.
  • Now take your suntan lotion, a good book, your chair or beach towel and a refreshing beverage and go outside to a sunny place in your yard.  Slather on some lotion at according to the manufacturer's directions. During your time in the sun make sure you rotate yourself so you can remain comfortable.

Although it takes several hours of sun to produce a suntan tattoo, your exposure time should be limited by how quickly it makes your skin to tan good sunscreen.  Keep in mind that sunscreen will filter out most harmful sunrays, but not all of them. Because of the sunscreen, you will get a tan and block out the harmful rays while using sunscreen.

Suntan Tattoo Designs Summary

Remember the tattoo will continue to develop after you come indoors. It will take until the next morning for you to notice how dark you tattoo has become.  Since this is a natural process and only a temporary tattoo you can repeat the process over and over again with other ideas.