Swallow Tattoo vs Sparrow Tattoo Design Reasons to Get One

Swallow Tattoo

Swallow Tattoo vs Sparrow Tattoo

Swallow tattoo vs sparrow tattoo, When doing Internet research on the subject of getting a sparrow tattoo, I quickly realized that most people have the meaning of a sparrow tattoo mixed up with the definition of a swallow tattoo. The purpose of a sparrow tattoo includes sailors getting them for sailing 5,000 miles at sea, to detainees getting them when freed as a symbol of their freedom, to being a representation of true love, to tattoo artists getting them to protect themselves and keep evil spirits away, to ancient Egyptian lore.

Swallow Tattoo vs Sparrow Tattoo Definition

Each of these kinds of tattoos is the tiny sparrow. Each group found meaning in these birds and wore them with pride. The definition of the sparrow as the permanent artwork has been around for centuries. Imagine getting a symbol that represents so many ideas.

Swallow Tattoo vs Sparrow Tattoo Pirates

With the release of the movie 'Pirate's of the Caribbean' came an interest in getting a sparrow tattoo because of the main character Captain Jack Sparrow, but people who get tattoos, in general, like to get one that has some meaning and I believe that is where all of this debate comes. They just want to know what it means before they commit to getting one on their body.

Swallow Tattoo vs Sparrow Tattoo Information

Some more information I found in my research - sparrows are probably the most familiar wild birds and are early breeders who make them one of the surest signs of spring, and are one of the most abundant songbirds of the world.

Swallow Tattoo vs Sparrow Tattoo Differences

According to sailor lore, swallows seen at sea are a good sign. Swallows are a land-based bird and seeing them at sea implies that land is near and your prospects are bright. Also based on sailor lore - tattoos and piercings, in general, are said to ward off evil spirits.

Swallow Tattoo vs Sparrow Tattoo Summary

So based on what I have found, the only conclusion that I can draw is that the meaning is whatever either a swallow or a sparrow tattoo means to you personally because there seem to be many conflicting meanings. I think just the fact that they are birds alone can signify flight, peace, and freedom which if you ask me is beautiful symbolism and purpose right there. Just make sure you know which one you are getting!