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Regrettable Tattoos

Regrettable Tattoos

Regrettable Tattoos I'm here at DCM Tattoos got Regrettable Tattoos under my boob by Diana. -[ Diana] Yeah. ( drum-heavy music) -[ Brittany] That tattoo that I'm getting covered up today is underneath my left boob. ( chuckling) So cold! Underneath it, in its curvature tells "This heart trounces for only you." It is a lyric from a Paramore song that I got when I was 18. - This one's the cotton projectile needle, is what we call it, so it's going to be super soft.

-[ Brittany] Oh, I like the sound of that. - It's going to feel like rainbows and bunnies. - Okay, now she's lying. -[ Diana] That's lies. - I regret the tattoo because I'm no longer interested in Paramore, and it schooled me not to get song texts, or just like terms in general, that you don't find particularly drew attention to anymore.

- I was 19, at Disneyland with my good friend, Lauren. And I was just so stoked to be at Disneyland. So I'm like; I need to remember this for the rest of "people's lives." I'm going to get a tattoo. So we discovered the only residence that was open in Hollywood at two in the morning. And I was like, what better way to commemorate my enjoy for Disneyland than by a Tinkerbell tattoo. When I went to look in the mirror at the finished product, it is a silhouette of Tinkerbell, and it sounds like she is inclination over, taking a turd. So, that is what I've lived with for seven years. And I'm so ready to be done with it and move on to the next chapter of my Tinkerbell-free life.

- Will you just let me know if my areola pops out? -[ Diana], So I did this guy's fiancee's name in Regrettable Tattoos words. Three a few months later, I get the phone call. "Yo, I need you to cover up this tattoo for me." I was like( signing ). ( tattoo gun buzzing) - We're going over the same neighborhood. ( tattoo gun buzzing) - Look at what I'm going through, again. - Yeah. ( sighing) - Personally, this is my favorite needle when I get tattooed. - Why is it your favorite? ( chortling) Do you dislike me? - It like hurts and tickles. Oh, my God. ( whimpering) - I speculate I'm going to pass out. ( tattoo gun buzzing) - I still have a little bit of the top of the old tattoo sticking out, so what I'm going to do is freehand a little more intent. - Grant me like five seconds. - I speculated I'd be much braver. -[ Diana] Turquoise behind here. ( sighing) -[ Hannah] Oh god, no, no, no. That's not, no. -[ Diana] Get a little bit lighter, look over everything, and see if everything's...

- It looks good. -[ Diana] Any adjustments? - I think it's great. I speculate no more. - Alright, my dear, I believe we're done. - Yay! ( sighing) - What a succor. It looks extraordinary. It's the only cover-up tattoo that I have that it gazes a lot better than many non-cover-up Regrettable Tattoos that I have. - I thought it would be so tough to get the paws and the wings and that whole strange influence covered into something that looks normal. - Had I like going to a tattoo creator, with like, not a full eyesight, and articulated like, what do you think? They might have like, "re coming" with something just as good as this? - But, it looks amazing.

It's just something that I can actually show people. Like, look at my tattoo. -. So maybe ask your tattoo creator what they speculate "when you've got" something, and maybe they can come up with something better than you are able. But time, it looks great once Regrettable Tattoos. ( drum-heavy music ).

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