Irish Tattoo Designs-Meanings, History and Symbolism

Irish Tattoo Designs

Irish Tattoo Designs and Their Symbolism

Irish Tattoo Designs, Ireland is a country with rich and deep historical as well as cultural roots. Some typical Irish symbols have significant meaning and character, which have become an inspiration for tattoo artists all over the world. Irish themed tattoos are not only adorned by the Irish but also other people who would like to have symbols that represent something with a deeper meaning.

Irish Tattoo Designs

Some mythical characters are typically a part of the Irish culture. Also, some people believe that if they tattoo something on to their body which has outstanding meaning, their chances of having that particular purpose in their life gets higher. E.g., symbols representing love, luck, and honor if tattooed onto the body will come into the person's life. So whether you hail from Ireland or just wish to salute the Irish culture, given below are some typical Irish tattoos with their symbolism.

  1. Shamrock Tattoo - A shamrock is a three leaf clover with multiple meanings and symbolism, usually green in color. A shamrock represents good luck for the wearer. It was also a symbol representing life itself as in earlier times it was considered a sacred plant which grew with great vitality. It is also believed that St. Patrick preached the oneness of God and the Holy Trinity through the shamrock. It represented rebellion as well.
  2. Claddagh Tattoo - Claddagh is represented by a heart that has a crown on top of it and is held by two hands. It represents loyalty, love, and friendship as well. It is usually inked to express the appreciation for the person's other half, but it could also denote friendship that lasted ages. It could be a tattoo on the finger like a ring.
  3. Irish Cross Tattoo - A typical Irish Cross has a circle in the middle of the cross. It represents life on earth (vertical lines) and eternity (horizontal line) and the Lord's unending love for us (circle).
  4. Leprechaun Tattoo - Leprechaun is a mythical character that buries a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, it's quick and full of vitality and naughtiness and hence almost impossible to catch hold of it. It represents luck and riches in life.
  5. Irish Harp Tattoo - Stories say that the golden harp was the instrument of an Irish God Dagda who played the instrument in times of strife and chaos to bring the world back to peace and harmony.
  6. Tree of Life Tattoo - As the name suggests life and is in the form a huge oak tree with many branches, many people get quotes or philosophical ideas written on the branches.