Horse Tattoo Meaning A Long Rich History

Horse Tattoo Meaning

Horse Tattoo Meaning

The people's veneration of horse tattoos date back to several thousands of years and spans most of the world's continents. It is considered to be one of early man's most familiar of symbols. If you are wondering how the horse became a fashionable tattoo design today, read more for further data on the story of these proud and noble animal's popularity in the world of tattoo art:

Horse Tattoo Meaning Considerations

During the early ages and before the beast, became tame the horse is a staple among the earliest hunters' diets. There are pictures of horses on the cave walls in France that date as far back as forty thousand years. Even those ancient times, the horse was favored for its physical power, beauty, speed as well as its endurance.

Horse Tattoo Meaning History

  • Horses belonged to the several animals that were celebrated in the ancient times and was thought as a significant symbol before man had first domesticated it ten thousand years before. Horse tattoos have already begun in this period as well.
  • In mythology and ancient culture, both horses and gods have kept the close company of each other continuously. The horse is deemed to be a brilliant, loyal, knowledgeable and independent animal. There are also horses in Greek mythology - the Pegasus that have been given the mystic powers to fly as well as immortality. The fictitious four winds take on the appearance of horses, and these bear Zeus the god of gods - on their backbones.
  • During the biblical realm of the Grecian era, there are supreme stables filled with the most beautiful and most celebrated creation.
  • Horses are respected for their beauty and strength.  People look at the horse as an esteemed and respected associate. Horses will neigh with excitement when they see their master.  They have also been known to mourn the passing of their owner's.  Since horses can recognize their owners, they show respect and love for them.
  • During the not so distant past, women were not allowed to ride horses.  However, if a woman did ride one, she was expected to ride astride to protect her dignity.

Horse Tattoo Meaning Summary

The horse is undoubtedly a splendid and noble animal. Some stories tell of a horse's protective nature as well as endurance and patience. It is indeed an animal that stands beside its owner, no matter what the situation is.

Tattoo designs of horses are still popular in modern times.  Humans have a special bond with horses and often shown there love and respect for the animal in the form of a tattoo.