Permanent Cosmetic Tattoos-The Latest Fashion Statement

Permanent Cosmetic Tattoos

Permanent Cosmetic Tattoos

Permanent Cosmetic Tattoos Tired of retouching your makeup now and then? Permanent Cosmetic Tattoos are the answer. Worried about the damage a trip to the gym will do your makeup? Not surprisingly, you are not alone. However, countless women are now finding the perfect solution to that dilemma. Permanent cosmetic tattoos! These tattoos are being used by women who want to save time on makeup, those with little or no skills in makeup application, those with allergies to makeup, those with skin conditions that need concealing like stretch marks, surgical scars, vitiligo, cleft lip, or alopecia. Whatever your reason, even if it's the humidity that is constantly melting your makeup, the urge to look flawless at all times will be a driving factor in whether you opt for permanent cosmetic enhancement or not.

Cosmetic enhancements like full lips and full brows are currently trending. Most people go the permanent route and use a tattoo to produce designs that resemble makeup, such as eye lining, lip or eyebrow coloring, and blush. This process, referred to as micro-pigmentation, involves implanting dyes or pigments in the first dermis layer of the skin depending on the feature one wants to enhance. The procedure is usually done under local anesthesia and can be conducted by a dermatologist, a cosmetologist, an esthetician, a nurse, or a tattooist. The effect is meant to be a subtle and natural-looking but permanent enhancement. If you are going down that route, you need to ensure that the person conducting the procedure is duly trained and licensed. Furthermore, you need to be particular about the kind of dye injected into your skin for a safe procedure. Though organic and plant products are all the rage now, you should consult with your specialist before using them lest they cause allergic reactions to your skin. The safest component to get Permanent Cosmetic Tattoos is iron oxide. It does not react metabolically and does not cause color migration instead of some dyes like black Indian ink.

The average cost for each procedure is usually between $400- $800, but the training, experience, and skill of the person conducting the procedure is much more important than the cost. Usually, the actual procedure will take roughly 2 hours but remember that there are pre and post-procedure meetings, evaluations, and follow-up or refresher procedures that need to be considered. The procedure itself is painless, but many people experience some discomfort, the extent of which largely depends on the methods used and the cosmetic professional's skill.

How permanently is permanent, you may ask. Well, permanently, it is like forever! However, some fading occurs over time, but the rate is largely dependant on the individual, their lifestyle, and the type of pigment used for Permanent Cosmetic Tattoos. Periodic maintenance, however, will keep you looking in top form. If, for any reason, you want to remove the Permanent Cosmetic Tattoos, then laser surgical removal, as is the case with most tattoos, is the way to go.