Freckle Tattoos-Women Gets Amazing Freckle Tattoo

Freckle Tattoos

Freckle Tattoos

Freckle Tattoos If there is a word for a freckle fetish, I have it. I am 110% guilty. Atena, I'm just thinking, just like spray them across, just like a fairy has shat all over my look. ( chortling)( ambient music) - Today, I am going freckles on my look - Germinating up, I ever pleased I was as lucky as my older sister to have freckles. - I remember just looking at teenagers with freckles and being positively spiteful of them, and the more freckles they had, the very best being they were in my recollection. I don't know why. - It's just the sunkissed seem. - This dust of cuteness. - Society tells us that they're imperfect. That, to me, only represents them so much more attractive. - They're just stupefying. - Oh my divinity, I only adoration them.

- Bronze and golds and mauves, like scenery on their bodies, I think they're gorgeous. I've been waiting for this for a very long time; I love it. - I have a video that I wanted to show you. - Oh, I like it magnificent. - Yeah, I'm excited. - We're going to do some tiny ones, some large-hearted ones, maybe throw in a couple of various types of shadows so we can add some depth. These are semi-permanent, so they are not going to be there eternally.  It's usually between six months to a year. We're lodging pigment underneath your skin. The difference is I use dye; tattooists use ink. Colors are different firmness, and that's why it's semi-permanent. Are you excited? -[ Voiceover]  I'm so taken by these freckles. - Let's get these Freckle Tattoos on your face. I'm just going to go from here. Freckles are not perfectly circular, so you'll find that each has its identity, like a unique little fingerprint. I believe that people who've got Freckle Tattoos waste their entire life either trying to hide them or removing them with a laser, and individuals who don't have them with a chop off their right arm to get them.

So you ready to go? - Yes. - Let's get started. -[ Voiceover] I envisage that I love to have peculiarities that weren't inevitably renowned for being beautiful. When I sound parties ashamed of their freckles or disliking their freckles, it only amazes me. They are such wonderful treatment for me. They're so unique; it blows my mind. -[ Atena] Complete. - Yay, I'm so excited to see them. - Ah. I'm just joking; it's fine.

Truthfully it's funny because part of me is a little bit apprehensive about going to be watching this and thinking, why the inferno would you get freckles? There's so much talk around freckles. You either adoration them, or you detest them. It's like coriander. I love cilantro and freckles, and I don't understand why you would abhor something so beautiful. -[ Voiceover]Finished. - It's funny' campaign my sister doesn't like her freckles, but I adoration them; I've always wished I had them like her. I have a few Freckle Tattoos already, so I'm not apprehensive about the pain, just really excited to read how it's going to turn out. ( ambient music) Oh wow. - Okay, oh my god, oh my.

- Aw, they're cute. - I can see how people like them, and they're going to fade into my look eventually. - It's my childhood dreams come true. Six years old-time I would be so proud right now. - Freckles are fantastic; this is what I've wanted on my look. - Oh my divinity, they come all the way up here too. They're beautiful; I adoration them. - It's so funny that so many parties who have freckles detest them so much better. I hope that, at least, through this video, they ensure how beneficial they are to so many parties. I suspect the grass is always greener. But I feel like I finally belong to the freckle faction, at least during the coming six to 12 months.

- Thank you, thank you so much better. -[ Voiceover] No fears, take care of them, huh? - I will; I will.

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